Get to know us

We are a team of experts that understand that the core of any problem is first to come to terms with it. Especially when it comes to addiction, whether it is substance addiction, behavioral or compulsive addictions. And so we do our best to spread as much awareness as we can.

We know that very often, it is not easy for an individual to even realize that they have a problem. And so the family and loved ones have to create an intervention and guide the affected person to seek help.

Our aim is to provide maximum and latest information to people who are facing problems of addiction or even to family and loved ones who can urge and encourage a person to seek help.

With us, you will never find a standard procedure that is enforced upon all kinds of addictions. We treat each case as an individual and have tailor made programs for each and every one.

While it is a known fact that giving up on any addiction is never easy, our team aims to provide all the help and support a person requires to come out of a problem.

Our approach to any problem is a holistic one. We will never simply detox a person and wean him off an addiction. But with us, the individual will get a lease on life. Our strategies are aimed towards creating a self-realization and ensure that the person does not just get off the addiction but also minimize the scope for relapse.

In our approach towards any addiction, our team of qualified professionals not just put in all their effort. But we also urge the family and loved ones to provide all the support they can.

We also organize group meetings with other addicts who have faced a similar problem. When people with a common goal mingle with each other, it strengthens each other's will to stay on track.

Our regular follow ups and awareness programs ensure our participants always do their best to stay on track. We train them to cope with stress and rule out any chances of a relapse.